Day Trip Tips: How to Travel More Without Breaking the Bank

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Day trips are a great way to explore, without tapping into resources, such as time off from work [PTO], money [hotels are expensive], while still exploring new places.

Day trips are as they sound: a one-day trip. Catch the first flight out (usually around 6am) to reach the city by 10am. Once you land, hit the ground running & explore all the sights & sounds, then grab a flight home that night (around 8pm) & sleep in your own bed.

We have done day trips to Chicago, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and New York. We are currently planning day trips to Atlanta, Denver, Savannah, and Nashville. Stay tuned for details.

Here are my 5 Day Trip Tips:

1. Be Flexible!

When planning a day trip, it is best NOT to have a specific destination or date of travel. The point of a day trip is to visit a different city, does it matter which city? Make a list of your five top places to visit & search Saturday flights over the course of three months. Also, create a list of cities in your home state that you want to visit.

2. Have a Budget

Obviously, you can travel anywhere with enough money. The point of a day trip is to SAVE money. Our budget for day trips is $500, which includes flights, transportation, meals, and entertainment. For road trips, our budget is $250, which includes gas, meals, and entertainment.

3. Book One Way Flights

When it comes to flights, make sure to search for one-way tickets. Sometimes you can find better deals by booking tickets on different airlines.

Here are some of my favorite websites to search for cheap flights:

4. Fly To/From Different Airports

Parking at Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airport is $15 a day. For day trips, we normally skip the park & ride, and take a Lyft to/from the airport. This way, if tickets are cheaper from Fort Lauderdale, but return to Miami, we do not have to worry about our car.

5. Have an Itinerary

Since you have limited time in the city, it is best to plan activities prior to arrival. For day trips, decide on five things to see, and three places to eat. Identify all the stops, to map out the best route. It is better to have more activities planned and run out of time, than scrambling to fill the last 2 hours.

Here was our itinerary for our day trip to Chicago.

Vacations are not limited to two one-week trips per year. Every weekend is an opportunity to explore new cities & immerse yourself in new cultures. Where will you travel this month?